Thursday, October 12, 2006

guru dutt week - chaudhvin ka chand


chaudhvin ka chand was made in 1960 and starred guru dutt along side one of his leading actresses waheeda rehman. rehman has a large cult following similar to that of greta garbo in terms of a fanbase obsessed with her "transcendental" beauty.

in chaudhvin ka chand, a case of mistaken identity leads to guru dutt's character marrying the woman (waheeda rehman) that his best friend is in love with. there is an agonizing tension towards tragedy throughout; but it is also considered one of dutt's most passionate romantic films. because his previous film - kaagaz ke phool - was such a box office failure (although it is clearly one of his masterpieces), dutt stepped down from directing; and although chaudhvin ka chand was directed by m. sadiq, it is still generally considered dutt's film. certainly, his influence is felt everywhere in it.

the soundtrack has wonderful songs with music by ravi and lyrics by shakeel badayuni, with singing by mohammed rafi and asha bhosle, along with one track by geeta dutt. today's song is mera yaar bana bai dulha sung by mohammed raffi. click here to listen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi i want to hear the song yeh duniya gol hai from this same movie and i cant seem to find it anywhere if you could help perhaps?

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