Sunday, July 29, 2007

when stars become words (and notes)...



finally back for a little while and figured before i dive into the pile of old photos to scan here, i'd do a post on the project i was working on.

a lot of the things i post here are part of the collection for various reasons, the main one of course being that an object simply sings to me. there are times when something gets deeper under my skin, and once in a fortunate while, these things actually begin to generate my work.

some of you might remember a post from january about a list of star name pronounciations. my obsession with this thing has grown over the months, and i have been working with it to generate a score for a large scale installation that will happen in porto alegre brazil in september.

rather than fill the blog with this stuff, here's a link to some notes, models, drawings, etc. on my website. the above images are a cardboard model of the largest structure (which will eventually be made out of wood and should be big enough for 3 or 4 people to be inside of!), and one of the pages of the sound score (which will be used to generate the sounds that will go inside of each of teh structures...).

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