Saturday, July 14, 2007

avoid complete synchronization...

"that there should be no music to the older silent flms is a rather pure and pedantic attitude since there has actually never been "silent" films in the sense of viewing them in a black and utterly silent void... as a precedent for this question we asked hans richter for his attitude. his reply settles the matter, as far as this book is concerned, once and for all.

"i believe firmly that music for the silent avant garde film is essential. of course it depends on what music. however i do not believe in the synchronization of sound and image...i agree with man ray that we must avoid complete synchronization. we should find a way to let the sound and the picture move on its own in the same direction, but nevertheless, separately. this refers to the spoken word as well as to the musical and other sounds."

paul velguth, art in cinema, 1947

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