Friday, August 24, 2007

when cardboard becomes CAD...


while i try not to keep the blog roden-centric, leaving town always seems a good moment to insert my own work into the fold. this morning i'm going back to porto alegre to finish working on the sculpture sound work "when stars become words", which i posted about on july 29. a few days ago the architect sent me a stunning little film, where my wonky cardboard model has been transformed into an elegant little space ship via a CAD program.

this little film has me both elated with the experience of working with fabricators, as well as incredibly afraid of presenting work for the first time that isn't mud stained from my own hands. it seems a good moment for both hanging onto the things i hold dearest, as well as being open to the potentials birthed from letting go of things that are less so...

i'll try and post some images of the progress and results while i'm gone. if you want to see my slick little film, click here. if you want to see notes, etc. related to the project click here.

needless to say there will be a lot less oddball architecture, black and white scratchy photos, and old recordings around the archives for the next 10 days or so (but if anyone happens to be in porto alegre on sept. 1, please come by the opening of the mercosur biennial and say hello!).



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hi steve,
just saw this on
i think you've posted about mary ellen solt before right?


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Blogger Design Presentation said...

Hi steve, looking frwd for some more images from ur experiment

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