Wednesday, May 28, 2008

secret tones as in the pace of the stars...

RPPC charley trigg, 1910

"sea waves stream on the beach rocks.
again, every time, star and tree,
cloud and bird, my close kindred;
the stone greets me as a brother,
the unending sea calls me, friendly.
my road, that i do not understand, leads me
toward a blue, lost distance,
nowhere a meaning, nowhere a definite goal -
nevertheless, every forest brook speaks to me,
and every humming fly, of a deep law,
a right way that is holy,
whose firmament spreads out above me also,
whose secret tones,
as in the pace of the stars,
beats time in my heart as well."

hermann hesse, 1911, fragment from holiday music in the evening, from poems translated by james wright, 1970. (image: RPPC of charley trigg, april 18, 1910, sent to miss hazel...)

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