Friday, May 16, 2008

tilted arc...

motorcycle ramp 1930's snapshot 1

motorcycle ramp 1930's snapshot 4

motorcycle ramp 1930's snapshot 3

motorcycle ramp 1930's snapshot 2

some 1930's snapshots of a ramp being built, i believe for some kind of motorcycle stunt. as much as it was built for use rather than aesthetics, it certainly is a beautiful piece of sculpture - as well as a ridiculously compelling piece of architecture. nothing so awkward ever illustrated better the beauty of the mantra form follows function.

it's amazing that some hillbillies in a football stadium would build something that so clearly resembles the spatial constructions of rodchenko, as well as some russian constructivist monuments and sculpture. idealism comes in many shapes and sizes, but here its form is somehow a consistent historical trajectory.

there's a kind of collision in much of what i respond to in the world... a bit of the hand made, a reference to architecture, potential aesthetic wandering in spite of its intentions, unintended awkwardness, simple materials, and a composition built of units. i'm not sure if it is funny, sad, ridiculous, or disappointing how much more inspiring a few photos like this can be compared to what i've seen in galleries and museums lately...

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Blogger bloggsy said...

i think you left out evel knevel as one of your tags...

last night i saw this image on antiques roadshow. it's the stadium the constructed out of wood for the dempsey/gibbons fight of 1923 in shelby, montana.

have not found any other images of it yet, but figured... you needed it...

8:35 AM  

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