Thursday, July 03, 2008

measured by the eye...

corbusier model for philips pavilion

"i spoke of harmony and suggested the disaster of abrupt interruption in the delight which is our due. terminology appropriate to music... precisely! architecture and music are sisters, both proportion time and space. the tool which cultivates our feeling of enchantment is proportion. our feelings so closely bound up with it that in its highest form we approach the esoteric, the language of the gods. feeling derived from architecture is determined by the measure of distance, dimensions, heights, volumes: mathematics possesses the key to - or away from - unity.

would you believe it? architecture's key, proportion, has been lost, forgotten. proportion, which in certain periods meant everything, leading men to the very heart of mysteries, is no longer something for us to think or worry about; it has been abandoned. that's what we've come to. proportion, eminently visual (for aren't we dealing with objects measured by the eye?), can concern the metaphysical, thereby linking the material to the spiritual..."

le corbusier, talks with students, 1961; image: model for corb's 1958 philips pavilion...

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Blogger robin said...

Le Corbusier had his associate, Iannis Xenakis, design the 1958 Philips Pavilion, which he did using the same sweeping formulae which governed his musical piece "Metastasis".

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