Wednesday, July 02, 2008

studio visit...


"there's something for the analyst!" he (pollock) said,"the painter locks himself out of his own studio. and then has to break in like a thief"

before we could stop him he had smashed a pane of glass.

"couldn't we force the window?" i said.

he tried, but without success. there were wedges nailed from the inside.

"damn!" with his elbow he smashed another pane, and then another, tearing away the wooden strips between them. "wait i'll get a hammer and really go to work on this." he ran back to the house while we collected the splintered glass in a pile. returning with the hammer, he finally managed to raise the lower half of the window and, shoving a table covered with dusty sketches out of the way, stepped in. we followed him...


as we walked toward the window to climb out, he took a look back into that lair of creative devastation.

"these paintings, the ones i've kept, are my securities. they're all i've got left." he leaned out the window and looked at the view of the distant pond.

"painting is my whole life..."

from seldon rodman's conversations with artists, 1961

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