Friday, October 03, 2008

painting in the instant...

onslowford1 onslowford2

"the instant is an absolute and thus is honoured with a THE before it, as in the mind, the universe.

the instant does not refer to speed. a slow line or a fast line can both be in the instant. there may be intervals between one stage of a painting and another, and yet the whole is in the instant. the instant is ever - present.

the instant refers to attention. in the instant there is a state full attention to what is happening.

in the instant there is a coincidence of events -

wind blowing, grass growing, brush strokes appearing.

all there is, is in the instant".

a quote from gordon onslow ford's painting in the instant.

today i drive to oakland for the opening of the exhibition LA PAINT at the oakland museum of art.

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Blogger Will said...

Speaking of painting in the instant, I just posted on A Journey Round My Skull about Luc Sante's essay on Hugo's automatic "spirit drawings."

9:43 AM  

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