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when swedenborg explains the speech of angels...


"angels converse with each other just as men do in the world; and also on various subjects, such as domestic affairs, matters relating to their civil condition, the affairs of moral life, and the affairs of spiritual life. nor is there any difference except that they converse more intelligently than men, because from more interior thought. it has been granted me often to be in company with them, and to talk with them as friend with friend - and sometimes as a stranger with a stranger; and being then in a similar state with them, i knew not but that i was conversing with men on earth.

angelic speech like human speech is distinguished into words. in like manner it is also uttered with a sound, and is heard as sound. for they equally with men have a mouth, a tongue, and ears; and they have also an atmosphere, in which the sound of their speech is articulated; but it is a spiritual atmosphere, accommodated to the angels, who are spiritual. the angels also breathe in their atmosphere, and pronounce their words by means of the breath, as men do in theirs.

in the universal heaven they have all one language; and they all understand each other, from whatever society they are, whether near or distant. the language there is not learned, but is inherent in everyone; for it flows from their very affection and thought. the sound of speech corresponds to their affection; and the articulations of sound, which are words, correspond to the ideas of thought, which are from affection; and as the language corresponds to these is also is spiritual, for it affection sounding and thought speaking. whoever directs his attention to the subject may know that every thought is from an affection, which is of love; and that the ideas of thought are the various forms into which the general affection is distributed. for there is no thought or idea without an affection; from thence is their soul and life. hence it is that the angels know the character of another from his speech alone; from the sound they know what his affection is, and from the articulations of the sound, or words, what his mind is. the wiser angels from a single series of words know the character or the ruling affection, for to this they principally attend...

... angelic language has nothing in common with human languages, save with some words that sound from a certain affection; and then not with the words themselves, but with the sound..."

excerpts from "a compendium of theological writings by emanuel swedenborg"
image: rppc of anonymous angels at the piano, circa 1914...

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Blogger Unknown said...

dear steve roden

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Blogger ArtSparker said...

This seems related to the idea that to love someone is to undesrtand them.

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Blogger sroden said...

hi rainer, thanks so much for the link. i love the record!!! thanks for sharing it. if you send me your email or your address i send you something in return.

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