Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2 unusual gigs..!

on friday august 24 at 7pm, glenn bach and i will be creating a live soundtrack for the piece
Bleu Remix by Yann Marussich, at Grand Central Art Center, a unit of Cal State University Fullerton's College of the Arts, 125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92701
t. 714.567.7233 http://www.grandcentralartcenter.com/
i would HIGHLY recommend taking a look at this youtube link
"In his spectacle-installation Bleu Remix, Yann Marussich returns to a theme originally explored in Bleu Provisoire (2001), a spectacle in which a mysterious blue liquid oozes through the layers of his skin as though it were the final effect or by-product of his body's inner processes. In Bleu Remix, the artist once more invites the viewer to experience an intimate journey through the corners of his body. Each time the spectacle is performed, a different (local) musician accompanies Marussich. This unique, singular confrontation establishes a new relationship between the sound and image. The meeting of the two artists brings an element of risk and uniqueness to the event, as if the music explores the spectacle repeatedly, resulting in new ways of perception."

on september 1, i will be performing at human resources in chinatown los angeles, as part of an evening put together by VOLUME and Vacation Vinyl:
this will be a LOUD evening and i will be playing guitar (so bring earplugs!)
my set will start at 8:30 pm, and each act will play for 30 minutes...
the line up:
Marc Manning
Steve Roden
William Fowler Collins and Aaron Turner
Greh Holger.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

3 on making and meaning...

"its how we do what we do that confers a meaning upon what we've done"
richard serra, interview, 1971

both dance and environments "are not static... in that they are process-oriented rather than simply result-oriented"... there is "a dichotomy between a score and a performance, which are the same but have an intricate relationship to each other... scoring has to allow for feedback, for analysis before, during and after a score is created in order for the score to develop and allow for change - to grow..."
lawrence halprin, rsvp cycles, 1969

"discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment, its what takes us from inspiration to achievement... there's a difference between routine and commitment. some people do the same routine over and over again in life, and some people even get better at that same routine over and over in life, but there's few people who commit to the next level"
curtis martin, nfl hall of fame speech, 2012

Friday, August 03, 2012

serra and mingus...

"when i was in high school, i'd go to the jazz workshop in san francisco, and one night mingus was there playing a set. because it was hot, the ceiling fan was on, but at one point the bartender shut the fan off. and mingus  - who weighed about about 320 pounds and was six foot five - jumps over the bar, lands on the other side, grabs the bartender, slams him against the wall, and says, "turn that fan back on. that's one of my instruments" [laughter], and i'm sitting there - i'm sixteen, seventeen years old - and i'm thinking, holy shit! you have to pay attention to everything all the time. a lot of what making art is about is paying attention."

from an interview with richard serra (2010), in the book richard serra drawing

Thursday, August 02, 2012


i am very happy to announce the release of my 10" on champion version. the record has been pressed in a tiny edition, and will not be re-pressed so i suggest you skeedaddle on over to their website immediately...

the pieces were created for flora wiegman's film and dance performance at the orange county museum of art in 2011. one side contains the original soundtrack, created with electric guitar, the other side was a first sketch for processed piano.

the 10" record was supposed to come out last fall, but a number of pressing plant issues seemed to be determined this would never be released, so i'm excited it has finally arrived - in london.

i will not have any copies to sell...