Thursday, February 19, 2015

help fund harry bertoia's archive of unreleased recordings...

important records is collaborating with the harry bertoia estate on a kickstarter to archive all of harry's recordings of his sonambient / sound sculpture. if you know bertoia's LPs that he self-released, you know they are some of the most incredible sound sculpture recordings that exist. 

many years ago i was fortunate to visit the bertoia studio/barn with friends, and what scared the hell out of us was the condition of harry's unreleased recordings. and after leaving the studio, we spoke a lot about someone stepping in to archive and save these unreleased works. FINALLY john from important records is attempting to finally take care of harry's audio legacy... and i would encourage you to help.

anyone who knows me and/or my work will know that i am an enormous geeky fan of bertoia's work - and i consider his work to be a major inspiration for my own work. while many people know harry's "bertoia chairs" - his work as a sound sculptor and sound artist is vastly under-recognized, and the kickstarter should also help to get his work better known

aside with helping the archive, the kickstarter also offers some great and rare "rewards" including original LPs from harry's self - released sonambient records, rare books of his drawings, and a bunch of new things, including important's CD box set of the original released recordings... 

so take a gander at the site:

click here 


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