Saturday, December 02, 2006

this is not a podcast...




a little bit of irreverence to celebrate a man of quiet music and velvet suits. erik satie is surely a hero to many of us. search him on the web and you will find more info than i'm prepared to give you here; but along with some very beautiful music, his lesser known writings and drawings are also pretty wonderful . i once visited his doorstep.

several years ago, my friend dan handed me a 7" entitled "an in depth, informative, and sometimes irrelevant probe of the music of the velvet gentleman: erik satie", this morning i finally listened to it... it begins with "you might recognize this theme as the one blood sweat and tears made popular" and follows with such gems as "he (satie) was strictly a hippie in the truest sense", "it has made him the "in" composer around the underground elite", and "although our information is inaccurate, we do not guarantee it".

i was speaking to my friend bloggsy yesterday about how a blog is similar to a late night radio program, so now, i present this little radio drama on the life of satie for your computer or ipod pleasure. it's a download, not a podcast, because there is no such thing as a podcast yet... unless you think a download is a broadcast which it isn't (and blogger's spell check thinks a podcast is a pitchstone!)... perhaps satie would enjoy such things... anyways, take a listen here.


Blogger Matterhorn1959 said...

Interesting record and history. Thanks for sharing.

10:16 PM  

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