Monday, February 19, 2007

bean stalkin' on president's day...


"As far as I'm concerned, I think Coleman Hawkins was the President first, right? As far as myself, I think I'm the second one." Lester Young, 1959

it seems that changes are made for two basic reasons... commerce and convenience. president's day, which was initially a celebration of george washington's birthday ON his birthday, and abraham lincoln's birthday ON his birthday, has now become a three day weekend and a lot of "president's day" sales at department stores. since the idea of celebrating the birth of some of the most important humans in american history with barbeques and new bedsheets seems somewhat misguided, i propose an alternative...

here at the archives we are celebrating president's day with real meaning, starting with a nod to the first president of the saxaphone... coleman hawkins. hopefully the inclusion of some deep listening (and finger snapping and toe tapping) will give president's day back some of the lustre it has lost over the years...


body and soul

bean stalkin

how deep is the ocean

drifting on a reed

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Blogger Ted Barron said...

nice, and an out of character quote from pres in his twilight years.

11:22 AM  
Blogger sroden said...

yeah, the whole thing was a typical roden ridiculousness. i'd been wanting to post the hawk sides, and somehow my brain went..."great do it on presidents day"... then of course my brain went "hey moron prez is lester, not hawk"... but i started snooping around the web for a photo of hawk and was just going to run the stuff regardless of what day it was and who was called whom when i found that quote... music to my ears....

6:25 PM  

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