Thursday, February 22, 2007

listening to what...


you have to wonder what this guy is listening to... something in his ears somehow connecting him to a guy in a similar basement in the next town... voices, music, or fragmented audio worlds from some place more distant.

i suppose in a way, this guy is like us... trolling the airwaves (or the web) for surprises.

people talk about the "armchair traveler" in relation to reading books, but you can't close your eyes while you read... listening is the ultimate armchair traveling experience; and ever since we've had ears and things to listen to, there have been opportunities for sound to take us elsewhere.

with the advent of transmissions and recordings, a person can select their destination by throwing on a record or turning on the radio... you close your eyes, open your ears, and basically vanish. no wonder the paper on the wall in the photo above says "this is my busy day".

here's side two of a coverless african folk music 7" i picked up at the flea market on sunday. i don't have track names or other pertinent info, so it simply has to be as unquestionable as everything else in a dream.

perhaps if the guy in this photo had a really good "busy day", he heard something as beautiful and wonderful as this...

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