Friday, March 16, 2007

mora pahara



in 2000, while i was trying to find a way to move my paintings into new territory i happend upon this old train brochure published by the indian state railways. the cover, of course, was enough to make me need to own it, as the painting on the front is completely amazing; but the inside didn't seem all that interesting until i discovered the map on the last page.

this image made up of the lines that connect all of the sites on the route map, reminded me of some of buckminster fuller's structures. i began to think about maps not just as drawings but also as objects in space; and in terms of image building, the lines suggested a potential of other forms by simply connecting the dots in different ways - essentially creating new images through new routes to the same destinations.

this idea of building new images by connecting the same points in space differently, became the beginnings of an incredibly rich step forward. i did a series of 10 paintings based on the map and then the brochure got lost in the disaster that is my studio. a last week i was looking for something else and i happened upon it again... a few days later and i'm working on a sculpture, finally using those ideas suggested by fuller, creating not just an image, but an object in space...

i am constantly amazed at the richness one can find in such seemingly inconsequential objects...

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Anonymous jgrzinich said...

Thanks for your blog comment steve. It was a pleasure to discover that there is an artist who has a passion for something other than "their work" or the self promotiom of it. You write about the things you like, the everyday curiosities that spark your interest in exploring culural artifacts of the past and how it looks in the present. I belive I share your interest in evidence of "timeshifts" that such "media" artifacts (analog/electronic) allow us to see. Keep up the quest...

1:52 PM  

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