Friday, September 14, 2007

fluxmusic friday...


some suggested activities for the weekend:

rainbow no. 1 for orchestra: soap bubbles are blown out of various wind instruments. the conductor breaks the bubbles with his baton.
ay-o, no date

drip music: for single or multiple performance. a source of dripping water and an empty vessel are arranged so that the water falls into the vessel.
george brecht, 1959

piece for ben patterson: construct a piano with the treble on left ascending to the bass on the right. play all the old favorite classics.
albert m fine, 1966

music for piano no. 5 (flux variation): an upright piano is poitioned at center stage with its profile toward the audience. the pedal is fixed in a depressed position. a performer, hidden from view in the wings, throws darts into the back of the piano according to the time pattern indicated in the score.
toshi ichiyanagi, no date

south no. 2 (for nam june paik): pronounce "south" during a duration of more than fifteen minutes. pause for breath is permitted but transition from pronunciation of one letter to another should be smooth and slow.
takehisa kosugi, 1965

all texts from the fluxus performance workbook, edited by ken friedman.

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Blogger the art of memory said...

have you seen the Ralph Ortiz performance of piano destruction? sad though, but the sound was good.
i think he was fluxus?
regarding the 70s. i am hoping to absorb all of the beauty of the films and have it come back out of me....

10:23 AM  

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