Monday, October 22, 2007

performance tuesday night...

one man band cdv

double whammy post today... the above cdv is from the late 1890's and pictures a one man band with all his gear. the double whammy part is that i'm doing a performance tuesday night, and this is pretty darn close to my own live set up (although i won't be wearing a tuxedo...).

tuesday october 23, i'll be performing at the hammer museum in los angeles at 8PM sharp (and it seems they really do mean sharp!). my set up will include the following items also shown above: various small bells, a record player, a zither/dulcimer like stringed object, possibly a banjo but also probably a surrogate banjo in the form of a lap steel guitar... and much more. the live soundmaking will be accompanied by a new video work.

the evening is FREE and will also include sawako and william basinski...

and last but not least, i recently posted a nice recording of a live set on 12k's term site, so you can click here and download it for free...

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