Monday, October 15, 2007

when fiddles sound like birds...


picked this up sunday at the flea for a buck. i really bought it for the other side, which had a version of billy in the lowland that i wanted to send to some friends, but while giving it a nice hard cleaning it snapped in half (you can see the sad little crack in the photo)... luckily i had already recorded side A - listen to the mocking bird, on which fiddlin red herron is certainly having his way the fiddle strings. i couldn't find much info on him other than he's part of the fiddlers hall of fame... but here's as strange and remarkable a reading of listen to the mocking bird as i've heard... click here to listen...

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Blogger Ted Barron said...

beautiful. glad you recorded it before its demise.

sorry about the crack. it's amazing that they last as long as they do, being so fragile, and in an instant, they become worthless - never to be heard again.

i only clean them when them when they are on a flat surface, like a turntable.

7:23 AM  
Blogger sroden said...

ridiculously, i was cleaning the record on the turntable, but a little pressure and a tiny piece of something underneath was all it took to snap it. indeed these things are so heavy, but so fragile, every collector has a story or two of one arriving in the mail in pieces. it's always sad to be the one to kill an object this old!!!!!

10:13 AM  

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