Monday, January 07, 2008

before the surrealists...

thistle 1866

a small cdv type photograph mounted on a cardstock. it's rubber stamped on the back: joseph ward, looking glasses and picture frames, boston. the image, from a drawing by j.p.soule, is from 1866, and from a series of "animated flowers". the cards are most likely from the 1880's. this is the only one i've been able to find.

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Blogger elkinstuff said...

I collect Civil War CDVs . John P Soule was known for these type of cards. For what it is worth these were considered a little sexy at the time. These types of CDV's were sold to the soldiers by the regimental sutlers. To avoid any problems with the Christian Commission or the Sanitary Commission, they would claim they were "art" and nothing pornographic.

I have some with dates of 1863 and 1864

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