Saturday, March 01, 2008

i am a dj...

the first dj? (1920's postcard detail)

patrick mcginly was kind enough to ask me to create a program for his radio show framework that runs on sunday nights (10 pm london time, 2 pm los angeles time) on resonance FM 104.4 in london. this will be my first dj appearance on radio (yes, i've spun vinyl a few times, but that's another story)

here's a bit on what you will hear: 'for this show, i simply wanted to present some of my favorite 78's. i've included not only songs, but 78's containing fabricated field recording (nature sounds made by people in a recording studio), and a recent recording of spoken excerpts from gerhart hauptmann's novel "the fool in christ" that describe sounds (these bits of the novel are a kind of a written equivalent to audio field recordings. the spoken fragments are an excerpt from a larger text work 'recording' every sound in the book; thus in this case is the book becomes the field...).'

if you are not in london, or around to hear it live (i believe it also runs live online), don't fret - after it runs live, it will be streaming here for a week.

p.s. if david toop hadn't called his last book "haunted weather" i would've definitely used it myself for this little set... i believe patrick will also post my set list and more 'liner notes' once it is streaming. also you might want to check out patrick's own work under the moniker 'murmur' here

and last but not least, any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Blogger Woolgathersome said...

Wow!!! Just had a chance to listen today - almost too many "gentle whisperings of goodness" in one hour. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

10:02 AM  

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