Friday, March 28, 2008

it was so cold we had to stretch socks over our heads to keep warm...


collecting home recording discs is a total crap shoot. when they're good, they're generally really good; and when they are bad, they are generally incredibly boring. many of the discs i've found have mediocre big band performances taken off a radio program; but there have been occasional gems. the nice thing about these is that you get a real intimate sense of people sitting in their homes (or occasionally in an amusement park record booth), speaking to the intended recipient of the audio letter like a one sided phone conversation. you can generally sense the discomfort people get from speaking into a microphone. these are true audio equivalents of candid photos.

the designs on these discs have soldiers in various humorous situations, so i'm guessing these were intended as audio letters for servicemen stationed overseas during WWII. this group of discs contained updates from mom and dad, stories from a sister or girlfriend, and this disc, which was definitely the best of the bunch, with two guys talking about a hunting trip...

click here to listen...

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