Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the relative scale of some of god's houses... and a plan for music.

segrada famila relative scale chart 1052

found this image in a 1952 booklet on gaudi's 'expiatory temple of the holy family barcelona'. it's a chart showing the relative scale of gaudi's building compared to st. marco's in venice and st. peter's in rome. i like the idea of the three of them superimposed upon each other like one of those wooden russian dolls that continually open up to reveal a smaller doll.

the booklet covers every aspect of the building, both built and planned and includes this section called "musical instruments":

"the internal service of sacred music is completed by four organs situated at the height of 132 feet in a gallery surrounding the base of the central dome. the exterior has the following form: in the towers of the east facade there will be placed tubular bells tuned in tones and half tones as the pianos octaves, electrically put in motion will form a monumental carillon with which they will be able to perform great musical pieces audible in all the town circuit. the bellfries with their stone sound-boards will serve as resonance boxes and will diffuse music horizontally. in the westtowers and in a similar way some monumental organs will alternate their music, during great solemnities, with the carillon of the other facade. in the principle facade a number of normal bells tuned in mi, sol, and do, will serve for ordinary services."


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