Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the poetry of DIY...

allan kaprow 1959, working on 18/6

working on 18/6 april 2008

working on 18/6 april 2008

sunday evening, after a day of production and rehearsal at LACE, i spent about 3 hours and covering a 20 foot by 30 foot plastic tarp with kaprow's text as prop for our performance of 18 happenings in 6 parts. i'd spent a ton of time in the space with others, but sunday night i was working alone, in total silence. as night arrived, it began to feel a bit like the numerous photos i'd seen in the getty's archives of kaprow working on 18/6 - images of him alone, painting, building, writing, etc.

i am constantly complaining to my students about the lack of DIY spirit, particularly in the artworld and this overwhelmingly fabricated moment.

so much of doing a kaprow work, is getting inside of his words as well as the spirit of the piece; and this piece literally had his hands all over it. i think that a strength we didn't see during the doing, is that we have done so much ourselves. this whole project has had much of the spirit of collaboration, and perhaps the handmade quality of things will help it resonate.

after months of research, weeks of production, and days of rehearsal, tonight is our first performance.(i should note the top picture is of a shirtless kaprow, not me... and the bottom two were taken with my phone.)

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Blogger Marc said...

Good luck Steve! Can't wait to see it on Wednesday.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this looks awesome. a shame i live entirely too far away to see it....

11:36 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

good luck from down under too - a labour of love which would be a thing to behold. wish i was there for so many reaons

4:16 AM  

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