Sunday, February 08, 2009

when birds and machines are in sync...


i walk outside and the wind is high and the sky is white with cloudiness, but as a sheet, no forms. i see two birds flying - one perhaps a pheasant, low, moving fast, stuttering wings, and in an instant is gone. the other, distant, a kind of silhouette as if a shadow, circling and falling, drifting, perhaps an eagle or a hawk. this higher bird seems to be riding on the current of the wind and drawing the contour of the mountain as it moves back and forth between the left and right peaks and into the low pocket between them. there is some kind of generator humming from the house. i don't know what it is, but the tones are quite beautiful, and it seems as if the sound is also carrying the bird. the bird continues to move back and forth and the overtones of the generator seem to be connected to the bird's flight. suddenly, the bird drops out of view, behind the mountain, disappears; and as if on cue, the generator stops sounding. as i walk into the studio, the vision and tones still fresh upon me, i begin to sing the tone with my throat. it comes out sounding a bit in the gutteral way that monks chant. i record the sound of my voice to remember this sound at this moment, so that perhaps at some point in time i can "learn" it, as a kind of bird call - not to call forth birds when out in nature, for indeed it would surely scare them away; but a call to bring these birds of memory, back to the mind...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for great blog,
do you know Estonian poet Jaan Kaplinski?
(look for titles in English)
Just thought maybe you`d like him...

9:58 AM  

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