Thursday, June 10, 2010

when a filmmaker's dreams are like poems...


"i am running down a street.

i am wearing a silvered business suit.

it is not i.

the figure is stopped mid-stride, one arm flung out.

the street vanishes.


the word 'title' is flung at me off five white gloved fingers backed by a vague clown face.


something of dead leaves... a rustling.


a waiting - expectancy.
a sea-scape.
large people with smashed faces bending over.


a paw print - one toe bent in cashew curl... so that it reminds me of a flower petal.


a quarter-turn clockwise of multicolored basket shapes merry-go-rounding - reds, blues, yellows, and more distant blurs of other shades. dusty-yellowed browns for ground, and a pale blue clouded sky. a very few still silhouettes of people shape."


some of stan brakhages 1975 dreams as remembered upon waking, from "i....sleeping (being a dream journal and parenthetical explication)", published 1988 by island cinema resources. image: brakhage's anticipation of the night, 1958.

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