Wednesday, March 09, 2011

help support WFMU radio...

i was recently invited to contribute to a fundraising project for radio WFMU in ny. daniel blumin, who hosts a great program on saturday nights from 9-midnight, invited a number of experimental music makers to record a cover song to help raise money for the radio station...

the result is an extremely limited cd called "your song, my foot - an earrational selection of covers". that will only be available during the fundraiser...

most folks who know my work will be quite surprised with my cover song choice, but more so, i think anyone knows my work will be floored by the unexpected nature of the results...

here's the track listing (which is stellar):

Jowe Head "Lady Eleanor" (Alan Hull)
Michael Gendreau "What We Do Is Secret" (Germs)
él-g "C'est la Ouate" (Caroline Loeb, Pierre Grillet)
Double Nelson "Der Mussolini" (Gabi Delgado-Lopez, Robert Görl
If, Bwana "Directly From My Heart To You" (Little Richard)
Black to Comm "Tropique, 1985" (Axel de Kirianov)
DooDooettes "Come Out" (Steve Reich)
Astral Social Club "Sky" (The Dead C)
Giuseppe Ielasi "Beautiful Child" (Stevie Nicks)
Helen Rush/PG 6 "Take It As It Comes" (The Doors)
Squomb / Chromaa "Up, Up and Away" (Jimmy Webb)
Volcano The Bear "Vienna" (B.Currie/C.Cross/W.Cann/M.Ure)
Steve Roden "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (Bauhaus)
Simon Joyner "After the Gold Rush" (Neil Young)
Felix Kubin "Bandits One Five" (Nikki Sudden)
Ashtray Navigations "Ride A White Swan" (Marc Bolan)
The Rebel "The Savingest Man on Earth" (Uncle Eck Dunford)

all of the artists involved have 100% donated their songs to the project to support the station...

i believe that the disc is only going to be available as a premium during the pledge drive, and can be obtained for a $75 donation.

to support WFMU and specifically daniel's program, it would be ideal to pledge during his show - this coming saturday night from 9pm - midnight NY time - but you can support the station, and purchase the disc anytime between now and then.

donations can be made via the phone at 1-800-989-368 or via the web here

WFMU is a magnificent radio station that truly supports experimental and new music.


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