Tuesday, March 06, 2012

one more new cd...

happy to announce the release of another CD (i'm trying to make up for the 3 year gap between solo recordings...). berlin fields is available on the 3 leaves label. it is entirely made up of field recordings, unaltered in terms of post production, but several of the recordings include subtle "performances", responses to the landscape using small objects, instruments, etc. it is the first thing i've ever released without layering sound or working with pedals and/or processing. all of the recordings were made in october while i was researching walter benjamin's archives in berlin (as well as during short trips to helsinki and paris). it is one of the most intimate recordings i've released, as it follows much of the places i visited, and attempts to explore a less encumbered approach. you can hear a sample here, and please go to the 3 leaves site to read helen frosi of sound fjord's wonderful text about the piece. (and yes... more in the pipeline...)



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