Tuesday, July 01, 2014


some new FREE music...

1. steve roden & glenn bach
water in the hollow eyes of the blue, finally

on the .phonographiq label
(the label also has a number of great free releases from kenneth kirschner, roel meelkop, etc.)

in 2012, Glenn Bach and Steve Roden were invited to create a live soundtrack to Bleu Remix, a performance-installation by Yann Marussich, where the artist reclines inside a glass box, and, over time, begins to sweat blue pigment from the pores in his skin, manifesting the act of movement by remaining perfectly still. 

Using source files provided by Marussich, Bach and Roden created a palette of sonic material for the evening's performance, transforming the original sounds beyond recognition. During the concert, Bach and Roden processed the sounds yet again, live, as the audience contemplated Marussich reclining, and sweating, in his glass vitrine. 

The resulting concert recordings inspired a subsequent studio session in Roden's garage, where the artists improvised an entirely new interpretation of the sound sources throughout the various stages of transformation. The resulting performance was recorded live with no overdubs. 

2. flower & water CD on dragon's eye recordings
will be released in a few months

here's a link to one of the tracks on sound cloud

flower & water was made entirely by processing dragon's eye recordings first release - a red flexi-sound sheet bound into paul novak's book on making bread (and who is also the founder of the label). the soundsheet contains a track written for the book, composed and performed by george winston playing 1920's piano jazz. the recordings were manipulated physically - cutting up the thin red records and taping them back together, placing objects on top of them on the record player, and of course, using some manipulation with a sampler (using all of  my old school approach - such as recording the portable record player in different rooms, etc). 


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