Tuesday, July 17, 2007

it's a small world...




in philadelphia today, i visited the ryerss museum. a great victorian family's collection, mainly from travels around the world circa 1900. a lot of asian antiques, seashells, books, souvenirs, china, etc. a wonderfully intimate and all over the place collection.

the best thing by far was a tiny globe of the earth, a small sphere with what appeared to be hand colored etching bits pasted on the surface. the amazing thing was the interior of the holder had the zodiac and stars all over it - one of the most beautiful little star maps i've ever seen. the sphere was between the size of a golf ball and a base ball.

unfortunately, my new camera crapped out a few days ago so i have the old beater with me here, and as you can see it takes rotten pics in less than perfect lighting conditions... and as it really wasn't being my friend, after the pics of the holder were taken, it ran out of memory, so no images of the globe either... you'll have to use your imagination. i wish i could've put this in my pocket and taken it home!

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