Tuesday, December 09, 2008

a short manifesto of unknowing and a building...

stanley brouwn pavilion

a short manifesto

4000 A.d
when science and art are entirely
melted together to something new
when people will have lost their
remembrance and thus will have
no past, only future.
when they will have to discover everything
every moment again and again
when they will have lost their need for
contact with others .....
.... then they will live in a world of only
colour, light, space, time, time, sounds and movement
then colour light space time
sounds and movement will be free

no music
no theater
no art
there will be

a short manifesto by stanley brouwn, from bulletin magazine, london, october 1964. image is quite a wonderful building for temporary exhibitions designed by brouwn, his first realized, from earlier this year. the scale is based on his own modular measuring system. more info here.

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Blogger Unknown said...

the picture is beautifully structured - as seen on the web it becomes an almost cubist abstract as the angle flattens the module that projects out in the upper third of the picture; together with the symmetry of the bottom 2/3rds. an almost necker-cube shifting between figure and ground.

2:59 AM  
Blogger Miguel G√≥mez Losada said...

your blog is a wonder thing. thanks

6:19 PM  

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