Monday, March 02, 2009

lots to see everywhere...

smoldt lincoln band leader snapshot

what did you see, wanderer?

i saw a pleasant landscape; there was a green hill against a clear sky, and the grass waved in the wind. a house leaned against the hill like a woman leaning against a man.

what did you see, wanderer?

i saw a ridge which will do to site guns behind.

what did you see, wanderer?

i saw a house so tumbledown that it had to be propped up by a hill, which meant that it lay in the shadow all day. i passed it at various different hours, and there was never smoke coming up from the chimney as if food were being cooked. and i saw people living in there.

what did you see, wanderer?

i saw a parched field on rocky ground. each blade of grass stood on its own. there were stones lying in the meadow. a hill that cast too much shadow.

what did you see wanderer?

i saw a rock raising its shoulder from the grassy soil like a giant that refuses to be beaten. and the grass standing up stiff and straight, proudly, on parched ground. and an indifferent sky.

the above text was written by bertolt brecht in 1941, and remained unpublished until 1968 in a british magazine. i'll be doing a bit of my own wandering in ny this week, tuesday at 8:30 i'll be giving a talk on my work at columbia for the fine art grads, public is welcome... no idea who the wandering accordionist is in the snapshot...

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श्रि रुद्रम् चमकम्

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