Wednesday, February 11, 2009

when you get to be in a show you didn't get to be in... (kind of...)

i'm sure everyone out there who is an artist or music person or writer, etc. has felt they would've loved to have been part of something curated because the idea behind the show, compilation or anthology, was so close to their interests. for myself, there's certainly been a number of show's i would've killed to be in because of the context or concept, and oranges and sardines that recently closed at the hammer was one of them. the idea was relatively simple, ask a few painters to curate a room of paintings that would include a few of their own works as well as whatever else they wanted their work to converse with. it must be obvious to anyone that reads the blog regularly that i do a lot of conversing with history, and would love to have such an opportunty... in fact just to curate a few rooms of things i love even without my own work present would be a dream!

well... i got an email a few weeks ago from tyler green who runs modern art notes, asking me if i would be interested in doing a kind of virtual version of the show with him - basically if i would be interested in making a list of paintings i would like to share a room with, and then he asking me a few questions about my choices.

on some level it was better than a real opportunity because i didn't have to worry about the musee d'orsay not being willing to lend the redon pastel, or how much space i might have. it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down, but i think anyone who knows my paintings in particular will find the choices of interest.

i am leaving wyoming and will be away from the computer most likely until monday, but tyler will be posting our interview along with some extended dialogue with mark grotjahn, who was in the actual exhibition, on modern art notes over the next few days, so check out his site if you are interested - here

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awwwwesommme. I look forward to reading that.
Oranges and Sardines was really inspiring and as I posted a while ago on my blog, Amy Sillman and Mark Grotjahn and Mary Heilmann, etc. alone would have made for a killer show but throw in Mondrian, Alice Neel, Hockney, and the other influences. and duuuude that is painters heaven.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I threw 7 17 times

4:46 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

interesting interview - a fascinating way to get someone to talk about their work.
Even before the casino's comment could be a score?!
keep well

3:10 AM  

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