Friday, September 28, 2012

a sound show & sound for civil war show

i have a new sound piece in a show opening in downtown l.a. at studio sereno. there are two receptions - one on october 3 and one on october 10 - both from 7-9pm.

the show consists of 4 works created for the site and a 4.1 sound system. artists are richard chariter, yann novak, robert crouch and myself. each piece is 10 minutes, so the whole shebang can be heard in 40 minutes.

my piece includes field recordings from the site, as well as field recordings recently made in rennes france, as well as using my voice, old tape recorders, etc.

for more info see here

also upcoming is a sound piece commissioned for the exhibition a strange and fearful interest: death, mourning and memory in the civil war, at the huntington art gallery in pasadena. the exhibition  includes numerous rare civil war era photographs, many of which are battle scenes - as well as civil war era ephemera (some amazing pieces related to lincoln). the curator, jenny watts, invited me to create a new sound work for a room containing three stereoscopes with some civil war death scenes. for this work, i used 3 late 19th century instruments - a strohl viol (circa 1910), which is a 1 string violin with a gramaphone horn for amplification, and two diddly bows, each with a cigar box resonator and roughly from the same time period. all three have a single metal wire for a string, and the sounds were activated with an ebow (i.e. electromagneticism). i also worked with a recording from the early 1930's of an interview with the last remaining person who was present when lincoln was killed, erasing all of his words, and keeping only the pauses and an occasional mouth noises.

for more info see here


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