Thursday, July 24, 2014

my friends at the wrong speed....

saturday afternoon, i will be performing at the melody lounge in chinatown for the perform chinatown day/night long event.

i will be doing a two or three turntable record performance... iT will not be a DJ set, per se, but mixing of a bunch of records played simultaneously to create new sums from old parts - many of the records are by friends, so don't be offended if your record is played at the wrong speed - textures are king. it will be a quiet soundscape... something i like to call underphonics  as opposed to the frenetic noise of plunderphonics...

the performance will start at 4pm and last about an hour or so.

melody  lounge:
939 N Hill St

Los AngelesCA 90012

AND... most importantly, IT IS FREE...


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