Thursday, October 25, 2007

the two worlds of music...

two worlds of music / udo kasemets

a 1968 chart by composer udo kasemets mapping "the two worlds of music - macroworld and microworld - large and small - triangle." it's part of a longer text that is sort of a manifesto, sort of a fluxus/concrete poem mostly related to the use of graphic notation. the image connects, of course, my love of all forms of attempting to notate a belief system or group of ideas as an abstract form/chart/map... connecting kasemets logic system with heroes from alfred jensen to emma kunz...

here are some bits of the text that covers about 14 pages:

"what if gutenberg had never been born?

the print-era turned the composer into a writer, distinctly apart from a musician... and totally remote from the listener...

the pre-print era man lived in soundspace. he was surrounded by silence and had a keen awareness of the sounds which emerged from it. the print era man lived in sightspace. he became more and more unskilled in reacting to non-visual information. the post print-era man lives again in soundspace, but in one which surrounds him in constant composite sounds. he is learning to distinguish between desired and not desired information...

the most reluctant to abandon their print era concepts are the performers at the cathedrals of music education that have been preaching the gospel of the written score... it's holiness and infallibility. is it any wonder that most of them, when asked to play music, not notes, don't understand what it is all about."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Straight outta Marshall McLuhan, n'est pas? Is McLuhan referenced in the manifesto of which you speak?

2:10 PM  

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