Thursday, June 17, 2010

THIS SUNDAY... sound in architecture...

7" records

on sunday june 20th, i will be participating in 12X12 at country club projects at the buck house - designed by r.m. schindler in 1934. the event runs from 10 am - 10 pm, and will be made up of one hour sets of music by a number of visual artists. rather than performing and/or dj'ing, we were invited to play an hour of music related to what inspires each of us in our studios. i'll be spinning records at 8PM

to be honest i don't listen to music in the studio while i'm painting or drawing (unless working on something like this), but i do listen to music when i'm building...

rather than prepare an hour's music in itunes or on disc, i will be bringing a nice group of 7" records, pulling from a wide variety of music. while i am still gathering "the stack" so far it runs the gamut from italian field recordings of itinerant singers, david jay of bauhaus with surrealist poet rene halkett, loren chasse's project ov, indian film music, sounds of insects, chanting from nepal, some 70s r&b, french singer giles marchal, moondog, and much more... should be a good time.

here's the schedule of artists:
10:00 AM – Steven Bankhead
11:00 AM – Tony MacKenzie
12:00 PM – Hannah Greely & Elana Scherr
1:00 PM – Chris Wilder
2:00 PM – Alex Becerra
3:00 PM – Jason Yates
4:00 PM – Jan Tumlir
5:00 PM – Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe
6:00 PM – Tom Norris
7:00 PM – T. Kelly Mason
8:00 PM – Steve Roden
9:00 PM – Thaddeus Strode
and i believe on top of great music and beautiful architecture there will be snacks as well...


Blogger Jared Frank said...

hey were both in LA and we both have collections. check out mine at all the best, jared

8:01 PM  

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