Monday, March 12, 2012

serious deja' vu...

yesterday's LA times had an article about mike kelley, specifically his influence as a teacher, interviewing a few former students. what was strange and amazing, was to open the paper and to discover that the photograph was taken during my first graduate review in 1989.

yes, the paintings on the walls are some of my earliest grad student works; yes, that piece of paper on the empty stool was one of my first statements on my work; and yes, i remember the moment and getting my butt kicked!

from left to right: lawrence dreiband, richard hertz, sabina ott, stephen prina, mike kelley and jeremy gilbert rolfe. i remember the photographer being there for the review and how distracting it was. (i remember the photos were taken for an art center recruiting catalog, and the one they used in the catalog had me in it, so i am grateful to the times for not reprinting that one!)

if you didn't see it before, here's a link to a piece i wrote about being one of mike's students.

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