Monday, March 19, 2007

a notebook on the subject of astronomy...

a chart of mars laid down on the stereographic projection.


phases of the moon

an eclipse of the moon

the seasons

a few hand drawn notes, diagrams, and maps from a kid's notebook dated 1910. the cover states: these notes are taken from taken from young folk's astronomy. i hope little rudolph pelunis got a good grade on his book report, because these drawings are pretty darn wonderful...

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Blogger kclare said...

Oh, beautiful! What a nice find… I love children’s art and want to post a selection from this older book of fairy tales I have that was illustrated by children. I look at some of these and think nobody could have illustrated this tale quite as beautifully…some very minimal and others quite abstract…

I’ve always wanted to travel to the International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo…

3:10 AM  
Blogger Moon River said...

how sweet it is :)

7:01 AM  

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