Thursday, September 27, 2007

a musical wonder returns...

professor chisolm musical wonder cdv

a little over a year ago (august 29th 2006 to be exact), i posted some images of CDVs of one man bands and their musical contraptions from the victorian era (click here to see that original post). some were stamped with a performer's name, but one of the images had no printed text or information other than a messy signature on the back that reads something like "chisolm".

last week, i found another photo of him! it's clearly from the same photographer and came from the same studio. of course, these guys traveled the country doing performances and demonstrations and handed their pictures out as promotion or sold them as souvenirs; but i can't imagine "chisolm, the musical wonder" had more than 20 of these made....

since i've been collecting photos, i've been amazed by a number of finds like this, where things that have been separated for about a hundred years have found their way back to each other. the above image is the new photo, and you can click here to see the older one.

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