Sunday, September 23, 2007

when words smell of the sea...

candid sea from old photo album

"one ought to concentrate on all that's primitive and fresh in the language with boundless avarice. no other words should be recognized than those strikingly fragrant. the ones smelling of the sea are the best. if you have the right vernacular you have the right philosophy."

"a book - glimmering from fire and salt - should be like a good storm, continual, powerful, ceaseless, with a sharp murmur as night falls."

"the greatest moment: like the silent interplay of shadows in a budding forest - the slience of a thought's interacting shadows extending inside me."

"to be consistent can sometimes be easy enough. to be honestly inconsistent can be more difficult."

"i am but an eye looking into the blind and ghastly eye of meaninglessness. why? who am i? the howling lonliness around the human."

some gems from vilhelm ekelund, written circa 1914, from a collection of his writings called "the second light".

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