Wednesday, March 28, 2012

when one dreams of the maker of napkin holders

last year, i woke up on january 1st in the midst of a dream, and this was what i remembered:

"i was standing in a small museum, reading a label on a concrete wall next to a window. the label looked temporary and said "this situation held a score by marriane brandt that has blown away". i then looked out the window to see a piece of paper floating in the wind. the entirety of the dream was silent."

i'm not certain of how or why marianne brandt's name entered my dream world, but i have been an enormous fan of her designs for years. she was a student of moholy-nagy, and her objects tend to straddle the divide between organic and machine influenced design - or perhaps it would be better to say that her machine influenced designs were never quite industrial enough to erase the human elements in the work.

my favorite of her designs were the napkin holders, which suggest she was minimalist who was still willing to pull out all the permutational stops. the images above, a few things found on the web.

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